Tobacco control among adoloscents

Sochara, Awareness among adolescents of dangers of tobacco usage


One in three adults in India consume tobacco in some form leading to a multitude of health problems. The basis of this problem usually lies in addiction taking root in the adolescent years. This problem has received widespread recognition by WHO, and the Indian government has launched tobacco-control programs in many states. However, after about a decade of these efforts, curbing consumption still remains a distant dream due to problems including poverty, easy access to tobacco products, poor implementation of action plans by governments, active marketing by tobacco companies and lack of alternatives for farmers that grow tobacco. AID San Diego is partially funding a project by SOCHARA to come up with an advocacy for the best practices to use in targeting the adolescent demographic from mitigating use of tobacco.


SOCHARA is an NGO based in Karnataka that is trying to change the situation by attacking this problem from many different directions. Over the past 15 years, their efforts have included raising awareness about the ill effects of tobacco consumption, and conducting research and advocating for policy change at the state, national and international levels. SOCHARA’s plans include mobilizing and educating the student community in two identified districts in Karnataka, undertake research studies to identify best intervention strategies, involve tobacco farmers and help identify cash crop alternatives for them. We look forward to the success of this project, and of further work that will encompass larger regions in rural and urban areas all over India.

  • Name of the project     : Tobacco control
  • Year                                   : 2016-17
  • Name of the NGO          : Sochara
  • Project coordinator      : Sushma Rao
  • Funding requested       : Rs. 4,34,720
  • Project proposal            : Click here (To be added)
  • Site-visit report            : Click here (To be added)
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