Donor Appreciation Lunch 2015-Nov 14th, 2015, 12 Noon- Diwali Dining

Donor Lunch2015_2Mr. K.S. Ramamurthy: At 82 years young, Mr. Ramamurthy has an amazing history of accomplishments, sacrifice and activism. He is a relentless crusader for the upliftment of the younger generation and bringing them out of poverty, ill health and ignorance.

After a long stint in Botswana and Zambia, where he held highest government positions and then the United Nations, he returned to India around 25 years ago and settled down in Yelagiri village, Tamil Nadu, in order to help tribal communities in that area. Around 15 years ago, Mr. Ramamurthy started a non-profit trust called SODEWS, (Society for the Development of Economically Weaker Sections). The SODEWS team that he has built up, is doing amazing work in over 50 villages in the hills and plains in Vellore District of Tamil Nadu. The work encompasses pre-primary,primary and secondary education, health and facilities for women particularly adolescent girls and children’s welfare. The work of SODEWS is highly recognized by both the Government and the communities. He embraced the ideals of AID and has been a father-figure and an inspiration to AID volunteers. Mr. Ramamurthy is also a part of the AID INDIA executive committee and has been actively involved in implementing and guiding the Eureka education program.

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