AID SD Patron Appreciation Lunch


Dr.Ravi Kuchimanchi

Ravi founded AID in 1991 with the vision “Problems in India are interconnected, so must be the solution.” At this time he was a graduate student at the University of Maryland. AID has matured into a volunteer movement for sustainable, holistic development with 50 chapters in USA, Australia and India with over 1000 volunteers. Ravi has worked on alternative energy, electrification of villages, empowering villages with pro-people policies such as Right to Information, National Rural Employment Guarantee Act and providing strategic guidance and support to organization efforts of AID in the US.

Aravinda Pillalammari

Aravinda Pillalamarri has worked with people fighting for social justice in India since 1998. Raising awareness on fair trade and sustainable livelihoods, she works with tailors designing and marketing khadi (handspun) garments with a view to sustaining best practices of traditional living in modern times. In this context she also works in Srikakulam to promote programs that help people take control of their learning, food security, and health, such as village libraries, kitchen gardens, whole foods, and accountability in government services to mothers and children.

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