Volunteer for AID

IMG_0590AID San Diego Chapter members meet weekely to discuss the project and outreach event.

Everyone can participate in creating lasting change in India- nothing is too big or too small. We welcome your time, ideas, enthusiasm and passion.
Volunteerism with AID includes:
• Working with grassroot projects in India
• Analyzing issue and providing solution
• Spreading awareness
• Becoming a chapter volunteer
• Organizing outreach events
• Fundraising activities and event
AID SD Chapter meets every other Thursday. For more information on meeting venue and schedule please email at sandiego@aidindia.org

If you would like to volunteer with AID SD please email us at sandiego@aidindia.org or signup here http://eepurl.com/Gb3KX

  1. * Your Name
  2. * What are your interests and expectations as a volunteer?
  3.    What motivates you?
  4.    Do you think working together with other volunteers can help you contribute better?
  5.    Any other comments

Thank you for writing to us . We will get back to you soon.



One comment

  1. Good , here we are not only working like Machines, but as humans, we are doing some good,
    I really appriciate the Team,

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