Run for India | Half marathon | Nov 17, 2013

“AID SD meets for a weekly run every Saturday morning.  This event is part of our Run for India program where volunteers and interested members can come together for a terrific day of exercise, advocacy, fundraising, and fun.  Weekly group runs are a great way for volunteers to run along with the group and also get an opportunity to learn about AID. Join us and run to make a difference and keep fit.”

Why should you run with us?  Not only to get in and stay in shape, but also to learn about and support our many development initiatives, such as working to rehabilitate men, women, and children who have suffered under bonded labor in Malkingiri, as well as our project helping devastated farmers recapture their livelihoods after the 2010 Aila cyclone in West Bengal.  You may also have some ideas and projects that you want to pitch, and this would be a perfect opportunity to do so!  Come chat and run with our AID SD volunteers as we pound the pavement for India and each other.

RUN FOR INDIA  Is for everyone

 Anyone can participate

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